Layers of a Creative: Ideas are more than skin deep.

Client: Internal — Project: Packaging — Awards: Graphis, HOW, Hermes, CQ Journal, IDA, GD USA, AIGA-OC

What we did

Product Design
Creative Direction


Creative Direction: Petre Spassov
Printing: Czar Press
Production: Graham Enterprises


Good design should be more than skin deep. It should exhibit a complexity of thought, a multitude of layers; blending them organically into a seemingly simple solution. We believe a creative agency should also strive to possess these characteristics, allowing them to influence their work and vision.

We set out to condense this idea into an interesting object that delivers this message in an engaging and surprising experience. Thus our promo takes form as a set wooden boxes, inspired by Russian nesting dolls, that represent the multiple layers of a good creative agency: wit, wisdom, and above all, a serious work ethic. They are delivered in a bespoke package designed to open like a flower and reveal the gifts inside.

As with all of our promotions, we wanted these gifts to have a life after their original purpose and remain useful to the recipients long after the surprise and delight of opening them have worn off.

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