Ethos Annual: A window into the design innovations from our community.

Client: AIGA OC — Market: Design/Arts — Awards: Graphis Design Annual, Hermes Awards

What we did

Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Guide
Custom Type
Brand Collateral


Creative Direction:
Petre Spassov & Avo Adourian
Type design: Petre Spassov
Production: Graham Industries


Together with the local AIGA chapter we set out to modernize and redefine the AIGA OC Design awards into an altogether more meaningful, relevant, and inclusive event.

Our approach was to create a fun and playful identity to better reflect the vibrant design community in our area. Some of the materials created are: a custom brand typeface, concrete trophies, a brand guide, a promotional video, and a thorough set of digital templates for their social media communications.

The result was a successful brand launch that brought new life to the award show and fostered a fun, impactful, and meaningful experience for the community and participants.

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